We fight tickets and we WIN. We are New York City's foremost network of transportation specialists helping companies adjudicate parking violations at the N.Y.C. Department of Finance since 1975.

We process approximately 600 parking tickets each week for approximately 90 commercial clients with an average dismissal rate of 60%.

Our computerized data entry, retrieval and tracking system is unsurpassed in keeping your summons records up to date. Optional services and weekly data reports include copy requests, N.Y.C. parking ticket document retrieval, and hearing payments.

Our daily involvement with the New York City Department of Finance affords you periodic bulletins regarding the latest information or new rules and regulations that directly involve you.

Other services that we perform are M.V.T. stamp procurement, D.M.V. visitation, Environmental, Overload, and other New York City or New York State appearances for moving violations.
  ... of your company's hard-earned money is going towards the N.Y.C. Department of Finance?

Yes, I am interested in learning what VSBI can do for my company.

My company recieves the following number of tickets per year:

"VSBI's parking ticket management program scores high marks for summons tracking, expense reduction, and payment accuracy. After
18 years of having VSBI control our parking ticket requirements, DiCarlo continues to benefit from this relationship."
"Not only are they netting us a very high dismissal rate, we are experiencing an intelligent program of accuracy with up to the minute reporting." One of our many happy customers
"They are the watchdog over our New York City Parking Tickets." One of our other many happy customers

May 27, 2013
FedEx, UPS owe $2.8 million in parking tickets to city in first 3 months of 2013

May 26, 2013
Parking tickets: All in the cost of doing business

May 26, 2013
City set to collect $550 million in parking tickets this year

Fight trucking tickets !

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